Home Maintenance Inspection

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Home Maintenance Inspection from JOY Inspections will review all areas of your home, which are related to proper maintenance and repair. The inspection will review the following areas:

  • Roof inspection for damage, hail, age concerns, gutter condition
  • Attic inspection for moisture concerns, insulation issues, pest concerns
  • Exterior Siding Inspection for concerns with paint, caulking, and overall condition of the siding material.
  • Foundation Inspection for visible concerns, settlement issues, grading or drainage issues
  • Crawlspace/Basement Inspection for moisture issues, pest concerns
  • Heating and Cooling System Inspection for age, performance or maintenance concerns
  • Gas Leak Check on exterior and interior exposed gas lines and fittings
  • Carbon Monoxide Test on heating system and gas burning appliances
  • Plumbing System Inspection for any visible leaks and evaluation of water heater age and condition
  • Electrical Safety Inspection including test of GFCI outlets for safety, inspection of electric panel interior, and any visible electrical concerns
  • Smoke Alarm and CO Detector Inspection and testing
  • Garage Door Inspection and Test for safety concerns

A complete, detailed report will be generated for you that will outline:

  • Immediate Repairs – highlight items needing immediate repair
  • Maintenance Reminders – outline items that are in need of maintenance or will need maintenance in the next year
  • Monitoring Needed – indicate reminders for items that should be monitored and checked periodically
  • Safety Items – highlight any unsafe conditions or items affecting occupant safety

These are standard with all our home inspections

See A Sample Report Here:

Sample Report

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JOY Inspections provides integrity-based home inspections and energy assessment services to help Charlotte families live in safe, healthy and comfortable homes.

Home Maintenance Inspections