Drone Services

We provide a comprehensive Drone inspection and aerial video of your property to make sure components and systems not normally seen due to limitations can be seen.

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Why use Drones for Home Inspections?

A home inspector may not be able to safely access all parts of your rooftop. Certain areas are too steep for foot traffic or, in some cases, too damaged to walk safely. This scenario calls for a drone’s assistance.

The inspector stays safely on the ground while directing the drone to hard-to-reach areas. It takes photos or video from several angles, providing a clear view of the roof and its condition.

Sloped roofs are dramatic additions to any architecture. They also offer an easy pathway for rain or snow to fall to the ground. However, steep roofs are notoriously difficult to traverse on foot. Using drones for home inspections allows any roof to be examined, from peak to valley.

Aerial drones also let inspectors safely inspect damaged roofing or rooftop materials that may not hold up to foot traffic. Drones enable an inspector to check every rooftop for issues or defects, whether it’s shingle, tile, slate, or wood shakes.